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Blog Tour (Guest Post): Gena/Finn by Hannah Moskowitz and Kat Helgeson #yalit #giveaway @chroniclebooks @hannahmosk @katmankat

Happy Tuesday! Thank you for visiting my stop on Hannah Moskowitz and Kat Helgeson's blog tour for their collaboration, Gena/Finn. Today, Kat is telling us about the music that helped shape the book.

Title: Gena/Finn
Hannah Moskowitz and Kat Helgeson
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Release Date: May 17, 2016

Gena and Finn would have never met but for their mutual love for the popular show Up Below. Regardless of their differences—Gena is a recent high school graduate whose social life largely takes place online, while Finn is in her early twenties, job hunting and contemplating marriage with her longtime boyfriend—the two girls realize that the bond between them transcends fanfiction. When disaster strikes and Gena's world turns upside down, only Finn can save her, and that, too, comes with a price. Told through emails, text messages, journal entries, and blog posts, Gena/Finn is a story of friendship and love in the digital age.


"This one definitely kicks up some emotional landmines, it’ll also make you legit lol, hard." — Barnes & Noble blog

"If Hannah Moskowitz writes it-or in this case, co-writes it-I will read it." — Leila Roy, Bookshelves of Doom, a Kirkus Reviews Blog

“Vividly portrays the minute-to-minute nature of modern communication.” — Publishers Weekly

“It's very satisfying to see this moment in fandom and Internet-originating relationships so capably represented.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Allows readers to close the cover pondering all the different ways humans can love.” — School Library Journal

“This portrayal of the fan world is spot-on... focused firmly on the real, messy relationships that can form in the digital age.” — Booklist

Guest Post

Gena/Finn Playlist
Kat Helgeson

Music played a huge part in the writing of Gena/Finn. Together we created a playlist that helped us get to know our characters better and define the plot of the story. Listen along as you read the book for a fully immersive experience! Here are a few of our favorites from the list:

Holiday From Real - Jack’s Mannequin. At the beginning of the story, Finn is acclimating to the California lifestyle. It’s a very drab left coast song that suits her to a T.

Please Be Patient With Me - Wilco. This might be the most definitive Finn/Charlie song on the list. It’s about knowing you’re a challenge for somebody and asking them to love you anyway.

Stand Too Close - Motion City Soundtrack. This one walks the line between celebration and danger, and comes up at a point of the story where our protagonists are walking that same line.

Coming Home - The 88. This is Finn’s going-to-visit-Gena song.

Expectations - Belle & Sebastian. As Gena starts life at her top-tier college, it’s safe to say things fall short of her expectations. The song has a fast-paced vibe that makes it almost overwhelming.

I Can’t Stay - The Killers. A very raw character song for Finn, and one that defines one of her lowest moments in the story.

My Opening Farewell - Bonnie Raitt. This is one of the most poignant songs about saying goodbye ever. If you’ve ever been separated from someone you love, this one will smack you right in the feels.

Currents - Dashboard Confessional. Spoiler territory, but here’s one for the climactic event of the book.

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - The Smashing Pumpkins. It’s a deeply sad song with no words. Sometimes there just are no words.

Rooftop - Melissa McClelland. There’s an encounter between Gena and Finn on a roof that’s one of our favorite scenes in the late part of the book. Momentous things seem to happen on rooftops. It’s a cliche, but we like it.

Walk Unafraid - REM. The lyrics aren’t quite on point, but this feels like a Gena/Charlie song. The two have an interaction late in the book that’s both funny and moving. Charlie’s an important figure in the resolution of Gena and Finn’s story.

If Ever I Stray - Frank Turner. It’s Gena’s getting back on her feet song. Maybe Finn’s, too. If you’ve got my back, I’ll go on.

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About the Authors

Hannah Moskowitz is the acclaimed author of numerous middle grade and young adult novels, including A History of Glitter and Blood. She lives in New York City.

Photo Credit: Jeff Gasikowski

Kat Helgeson writes young adult novels and lives in Chicago with her husband and a healthy preoccupation with fictional characters.

Hannah and Kat’s first met online in a fan fiction forum for the show Supernatural, and IRL at a Supernatural con.


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