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Kayla is the interlibrary loans supervisor of a large Louisiana library by day, reader by night, and always a nerd suffering from bibliophilia. She realized early on that each book is its own little world and loves traveling to their majestic, beautiful, terrible, and/or wonderful contents just by opening the pages. It also makes the real world seem somewhat dull at times, so she always has her nose stuck in a book or is watching Survivor. Kayla's favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy (and all the various delicious nuggets of subgenres), historical fiction, and horror. She is partial to young adult books (most genres), which partially inspired her to create Bibliophilia, Please along with her need for an outlet to gush about Kevin Hearne. (He's pretty famous now, so she can approach strangers and fangirl without sounding more insane than usual.)

Kayla is a member of the American Library Association (ALA).


Rae's professional life is spent in the space (of the outer type) business, but she loves to escape the Great Unknown by reading books, playing video games, and watching all of the streaming services. Her favorite authors include Jana Deleon, Melissa F Olsen, Neal Shusterman, Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris, Emily Dickinson, Andy Weir, and basically anything related to paranormal, fantasy, or whatever sparks her attention in the moment. She is currently living that ex-pat life and misses Mexican food the most.