Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems I Have

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Top Ten (OK, Eight) Book-Related Problems That Plague Kayla

1. Replacing My Collection

This is the biggest problem I'm dealing with, as the majority of my book collection was lost when my house flooded last fall. I didn't lose many of my "prizes" (signed books, rare first editions, etc.), but I lost several thousand dollars worth of books. I can't even start solving this problem because of...

2. Space (And I Don't Mean Outer)

I think almost all readers deal with the space issue, in some manner or another. Right now, we're living with the mother-in-law, so I try to be kind and only keep my books in the bedroom I share with Mister. The wall by my bed is filled nearly to the window, upwise, so I guess my pile is six feet long and two and a half feet wide.

3. Getting My Daughter to Read

The picture is a liar.

It is also nearly eight years old. I do everything in my power to get my little one to pick up books - even going so far as to buy every Magic Puppy, Magic Kitten, etc. ever written - to little to no luck. I've been trying to bribe her to read Tuck Everlasting, but it's not happening. Geronimo Stilton books are what she gets from the school library (whether or not she actually reads them is questionable), so I guess I'm going to buy some of those for her when she changes schools next week.


4. Choosing the Next Book to Read

I have tour dates, release dates, etc. in my Google Calendar, but there are always so many more coming in, and I try to keep up with them. I try to read in advance, but I'm a terrible procrastinator, and I always talk myself into reading Book A because Book B isn't due to release or be reviewed for a month. I then read Book C and Book D, and then I freak out when Book B has to be read by next week! Gah!

5. DNF

I really hate to do this. Before I took a break from college to focus on my career and paying down student loans, the only book I did not finish was The Once and Future King by T.H. White. I came within forty pages of the end of that monster, but I had no more shits to give by that point. I was so over all of the characters that I couldn't even finish just to say that I did. My issue now for marking a book as "DNF" is that the majority of what I read is review books. I know that I don't have enough hours in the day to read books that I don't like or that offend me (it does happen), but I still feel guilty doing it.

6. Composing Reviews on a Computer

I have no idea why, but anything I write is so much better when I write by hand. There are days that I just stare at the screen, unable to even start a review. However, as soon as a put a pen to a piece of paper, the juices flow. When I used to write for pleasure, all of my drafts were handwritten first and then edited while I typed them. Pens and pencils are my magic wands.

7. Finding Time to Read

Mister and my daughter require my constant attention, no matter what they're doing. If they're watching TV, heaven help me if I try to pick up a book to read. They'll find something they need from me or ask me what's wrong. You know, because I'm looking at a book. On trips, the minute I pick up a book is the minute that someone wants to have a conversation with me. I either stay up at night after everyone goes to bed or get up early in the morning. And no, I don't read on my lunch break at work usually because Mister likes me to call him. *sigh*

They're lucky I love them.

8. Reading Books with Ugly Covers

I know that covers have absolutely nothing to do with authors, but sadly, I don't want to even put my hands to a book with a hideous cover. I mean, I'll get the ebook, but I don't want ugly art on my shelf. If I love the book, I'd consider it, but book covers are redesigned eventually.

What Kind of Book-Related Problems Do You Have?


  1. I also have a problem with choosing the next book to read too.

  2. I have problems with a few of these as well, and I know what you mean about space I too live with my mother in law and I have only one bookshelf.

  3. NUMBER SEVEN! YES! NUMBER SEVEN! Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I had remained single and childless....I love my family I swear. :)


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