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Blog Tour (Guest Post): Teaser by Burt Weissbourd

Title: Teaser: A Corey Logan Thriller
Burt Weissbourd
Publisher: Rare Bird Books
Release Date: February 24, 2015

Teaser, the sequel to Inside Passage, takes Corey and Abe into the interconnected worlds of private school kids and the runaways who roam Seattle's streets. Billy attends the Olympic Academy, where two friends, Maisie and Aaron, are experimenting with sex and drugs. They've become close to Star, a streetwise seductress who leads them down a treacherous path. Despite the best efforts of Abe and Corey, Maisie is abducted by the diabolical “Teaser,” a man determined to take revenge on her father, his former cellmate. Teaser is a mystery to everyone except Abe and Corey, who alone realize what they must do to rescue Maisie. They contrive a plan that shocks even them.

Guest Post

Inside Passage is the first thriller in the Corey Logan Trilogy. Corey is just coming home from prison, and all she wants is to be with her son.To get him back from foster care, she has to make a good impression on the psychiatrist evaluating her. But Dr. Abe Stein doesn’t believe she was framed—until his well-heeled mother falls for the charming candidate for state attorney general, Nick Season, the man, Abe discovers, who framed Corey.

As the dogs of war are unleashed Corey and her son run for their lives up the Inside Passage. Abe has to find them bring them back, and bring down the two-faced monster, Nick Season.

Abe and Corey fall in love in Inside Passage. I wanted to see them work together as husband and wife. Teaser is that story.

In Teaser Corey’s son Billy, is back from foster care, living with with his mom and Abe. He attends the Olympic Academy, where two of his friends, Maisie and Aaron, are experimenting with sex and drugs. They’ve been lured into a steamy sexual liason by Star, a streetwise seductress.

Teaser has an unlikely relationship with Star. Teaser took her off the street. When he found her, Star was a drug addict who turned tricks to buy drugs. He made her clean up and taught her how to use her fine mind. Star will do anything for Teaser. What the children don’t know is that they’re part of Teaser’s plan to take revenge on his former cellmate, Dave Dickson--Maisie’s father. Despite the best efforts of Abe and Corey, Aaron and Maisie are abducted by Teaser. Abe and Corey alone realize what they must do to rescue Maisie and Aaron. They contrive a plan that shocks even them.

Both Corey and Abe are favorite characters of mine. Though I also love the bad guys – Nick Season and Teaser. I work hard to make them three dimensional and understandable.

When I set out to write a novel I try to create a “rich stew” – that is to say strong, complex characters in a situation with conflict, emotional intensity, and the potential to evolve in unexpected ways. Once I have that I let the story unfold – it takes on a life of its own.

I learned to trust this process when I was a movie producer, developing screenplays and it’s what I rely on to develop the character-driven thrillers that I write. If the “stew” is rich, the mechanics of the plot evolve logically and hopefully, organically.

I write whenever I can find the time. Because I also work in financial markets, it’s usually late in the day and on weekends. If the market is quiet, I’m able to write all day.

The best advice I ever got was just to keep writing. My experience writing novels has been that as I write more and more, I become a better writer. I know when something is working and why, and I know to keep writing until I get there. So my advice to aspiring thriller writers is – even though its ofter difficult to get a first novel published, even though there are rejections from agents, even though there are days when you hate what you’ve written—keep writing.

I’m working on the third book in the trilogy, Minos. Please go to to learn more about it.

I also wrote a stand alone novel, In Velvet. It’s set in Yellowstone Park and it follows Rachel Stanley, a bear biologist, who’s discovering animal abnorrmalities in the close, northwest corner of the park., In the tradition of Jurassic Park, I think, it’s an original, often startling scientific thriller.

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About the Author

Burt Weissbourd writes character-driven thrillers. Reviewers describe his work as “brilliantly detailed, evocative … thrillingly suspenseful.” “His descriptions are luscious.” “An incredibly strong and intelligent female protagonist.” “[His] dark characters rank with some of Koontz’s and King’s worst imaginaries.”

Burt began his career producing movies, working closely with screenwriters, then writing his own screenplays. A newcomer to Hollywood, he approached writers whose movies he loved — movies such as “Klute,” “Two for the Road,” and “Ordinary People” — and worked with those writers and others, including working with Ross Macdonald, a legend in crime fiction, on his only screenplay.

This was the “New Hollywood” (1967 – 1980), and he found writers whose work grabbed viewers viscerally, not with explosions but with multi-dimensional characters who would draw you into a deeply moving story.

Savvy actors wanted to play finely drawn characters in compelling stories, and before long, Burt was developing screenplays, working directly with Robert Redford, Lily Tomlin, Goldie Hawn, Sally Field, and Jill Clayburg, among others. As a producer developing a screenplay, he looked for stories with strong, complex characters and a “rich stew” — that is to say, a situation with conflict, emotional intensity, and the potential to evolve in unexpected ways. This is exactly what he tries to create for the books he writes.

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