Thursday, October 8, 2015

Where Are the Bloggers?

If you haven't noticed, our posts have been down for the past month or so. We're not on any official hiatus, but the three of us - Amber, Kim, and myself - just have things swamping us right now. Amber is overwhelmed with law things and has been for most of the summer. Kim has some personal matters that she is tending. I've been living so far out in the woods that I cannot get internet access at my house, except by paying an insane price for satellite internet. No, thank you. I'm also in a reading and review writing slump. Hopefully, I'll get past this soon.

I know that reading a really great book is usually the cure for a slump, so if you have any recommendations, please share them. As always, we appreciate you visiting the blog, and we hope that you'll take the time to enter a giveaway or two while you're here.


  1. I recommend The Taming of the Queen by Phillipa Gregory and for something different anything by Lucy Knisley. Good luck from Carole's chatter

    1. Carole, I like the way that you think! I just finished The King's Curse, and it helped my slump. Now I'm savoring some Jim Butcher. :-)


You are going to put words in my box?! *squeezes you* Now I shall stalk YOUR blog!