Sunday, January 22, 2012

W3-2k12 Wrap Up

Work has been insane this week, so there was only one book finished over here on my end. I need to really get on the ball, as I will be contributing reviews and doing the Top Ten Tuesday for the Krazy Book Lady blog. I am extremely excited about this.

My Week in Review

This isn't a book that is in my reviewing (if I can even call what I do a "review") pile, but I had to finish it. I started the audiobook ages ago, and my library download kept expiring because I wasn't listening to it in the car. (Click here to find out why I haven't been listening in the car.) Anyways, I finally just checked out the hard copy from the library so I wouldn't have it waiting in the wings forever. I only had about one hundred pages left, so it only took me about two hours to finish it when I finally got my hands on it.

I liked this book a lot better than Shiver, but I am confused as to how I ended up in the middle of a YA PNR. I am not the biggest fan of romance novels, but Maggie Stiefvater's writing is beautiful. As I said in my review, the addition of Cole and Isabel as narrators really won me over in this novel. Grace and Sam are really sweet characters, but they really lacked dimension. Yes, Grace is extremely ill, and Sam is still dealing with childhood issues, but I just never could connect to them. Yet, I keep on reading. I already put Forever audiobook on hold, and hopefully I'll have a car by the time I download it.

Random Otherness

Hopefully, my daughter and I finish The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis one day this week. Bug does not go to bed easily at night, but she is always so excited about bedtime now. She is like me in that picture books just don't do it for her. The only difference was that I was reading on my own by her age - she just doesn't feel the need yet. Maybe she'll get inspired to read since I don't read nearly as much as she would like at night. That's how I got my start. (My mom withheld The Hobbit from me.)

I'll be doing an In My Mailbox (IMM) post today or tomorrow since I've gotten quite a few goodies, and I'll link to my Top Ten Tuesday post over at Krazy Book Lady when it's up.

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