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Blog Tour (Interview & Giveaway): Garden of Eden by Kate Cowan

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Title: Garden of Eden
Kate Cowan
Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
Release Date: October 22, 2013

It has been four years.

Four years since the day the Catchers found her family.

Four years since she escaped capture.

And four years since the day her mother locked her and Will, a boy she hardly knew, in an attic, 'for their own protection'.

Now, Eden White is fifteen, and sick of being a prisoner of parents who all but abandoned her. It was as simple as one walk down a beautiful, foggy beach, but it ended with Eden and Will face to face with Catchers - and this time, there is no escape.

When Eden wakes, she finds herself on an island, surrounded by hundreds of stolen children. Enrolled in the island school, Jordan Hall, Eden quickly learns that the island is not what it seems.

And, in the woods surrounding the school, she discovers a wild, beautiful magic inside of herself - one she has no idea how to control. With three unlikely new friends, Eden begins to realize that the headmistress is hiding much more than the stolen children - and what they learn in the laboratories below the school could cost Eden her life.

Interview with Kate Cowan

Hi, Kate! Thank you so much for agreeing to take some time from your busy schedule to answer some questions for us here at Bibliophilia, Please. Let’s break the ice a little before talking about Garden of Eden – what is something funny about you that only your friends know?

I'm a total brony. Google it, I dare you ;)

Challenge accepted.

I found the Brony Hierarchy of Needs!

Okay, back to business. ;-) Please tell us a little bit about Garden of Eden in your own words but with a Twitter twist – 140 characters or less.

Down the rabbit hole, dark, whirlwind of a paranormal YA fantasy.

What would you say it is that sets Garden of Eden apart from other Young Adult novels?

Garden of Eden is a maze of different genres - sci-if, fantasy, paranormal, Dystopia, and a bit psychedelic, too. It's so many things, but there put together in such a way that it doesn't feel like too much.

What kind of research did you do for Garden of Eden?

A lot, that's for sure! How much of an electric shock can kill someone, how many miles between Texas and Chicago, how large a cargo ship has to be... A medley of things!

Who was your favorite character to write in the novel?

Adriane, for sure. She's cold, quiet, calculating and distant, and I think she has a past that I have yet to delve into, but I'm dying to write from her perspective.

Which author or novel would you say has been the most inspirational to you as a writer?

Alison Croggon. She wrong an epic fantasy for teens - the Pellinor series. I loved it, and her style is so beautiful. She's such an inspiration for me!

Do you have any upcoming projects that we can look forward to?

Yes! But they won't be out until after the Legend of Eden series finishes. Before that though, I’d like to write a spinoff, in the same world that has been forever changed by Catchers.

Thank you so much for your time and the Brony distraction!!

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About the Author

Kate Cowan is an artist, an animation student, a black belt in karate and now, an author. She didn't discover writing until mid-high school, when she began writing an (unintentionally) hilarious novel involving a teenage girl and a magic necklace. Her current novel series, The Legend of Eden, began as a story of Arthurian magic, but quickly transformed into something much different.

Kate currently lives in Ontario, Canada, in a zoo of a house. When she isn't writing, she's drawing, cooking, or browsing the Internet for new music.

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