Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Popular Authors I Have Never Read

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Popular Authors I Have Never Read

1. Stephen King

2. Garth Nix
Author of the Abhorsen series

3. Mercedes Lackey
Author of the Heralds of Valdemarseries

4. A. G. Howard
Author of the Splintered series

I’m just not the biggest fan of Alice in Wonderland so I don’t know if I would like a retelling. But these covers look amazing, and I’ve seen some pretty great reviews on them.

5. Amie Kaufman
Co-Author of the Starbound series

These Broken Stars is sitting at my house right now! After I read the books that have a deadline, this is the first I’m reading just for me.

6. Kasie West
Author of the Pivot Point series

I checked out Pivot Point from the library but never got around to it before it had to go back. It’s on the top of the TBR though.

7. Sarah Ockler

I have wanted to read her books because she’s always listed as an author similar to Sarah Dessen. For a long time, my library only had Twenty Boy Summer, but I have a hard time reading books regarding a family member’s death. Now that the library has both Bittersweet and The Book of Broken Hearts, I really need to read them.

8. Bree Despain
Author of The Dark Divine series

For a long time, I refused to read anything by Despain because I kept confusing her with Libba Bray and I really didn’t like Bray’s A Greate and Terrible Beauty. A few weeks ago though, I realized my mistake and now I really want to read Despain’s The Dark Divine series.

9. Sherrilyn Kenyon
Author of the Dark-Hunter series

I actually tried to read Fantasy Lover once and got creeped out. I think I maybe made it to chapter 2 or 3. Super sexy-time, alpha male paranormal romance just isn’t my thing. I’m more of a kick-ass urban fantasy girl.

10. Larissa Ione
Author of theDemonica series

This is another super sexy-time paranormal romance. The blurb makes it seem like 95% of the book is angry paranormal sex. But when I read paranormal romance, I want more Anita Blake book 1 and less Anita Blake book 13.

Which authors have you never read?

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