Thursday, May 8, 2014


I have a confession to make - I'm getting a bout of good ol' blogger burnout. Now, before you start wondering if I'm taking a hiatus or break, I'm not. I have no idea what I'd do with myself if I didn't have a review to write or post to schedule. It's overwhelming for me and my family at times, yes, but I love Bibliophilia, Please and all its pressures and demands.

By now you're either wondering what the problem is or you're just that bored at work. You see, I miss blogging about the funny things in life. I mean, I wrote this post on discarded printer paper from work while sitting in the parking lot of the local Wal-mart. How many of YOU write your posts at Wal-mart? It's not Panera and there's no free WiFi, but I don't have a kid in the backseat. I also live in a rural down and the weather has gotten warmer. I love to people watch, and the best time to do it in the South is when it starts getting hot. Lawd, the clothes they're wearing.

You see? That's what I miss. It's not the end result that I love most about the day. It's the journey - where I get to try to write HTML on Blogger and end up deleting my scheduled posts for the next month and laughing about it after I get done cusssing and throwing shit. It's the "oh shit, I have to read and review a 500 page book by Tuesday and everyone in the house has diarrhea."

I have an old blog, Gasoline Wishes and Fry Cook Dreams, that I loved as much as BP that I let go of because a nasty email I received. I figured that I only had fifteen subscribers - who would miss it?


So I want to bring back that style of writing, and I hope you don't mind. If I don't, I'll go crazy and probably would have to step away from the blogosphere. But then that would also mean more time with the extended family. I think I had better stick with blogging.


  1. Can certainly say I haven't written a blog post on a scrap of discarded paper in a Walmart parking lot before. In fact, I don't think I've ever hand written an entire post before..... the extent of my writing by hand is signing my name or jotting down quick ideas in a notebook sadly.

    1. I actually hand write the majority of everything. I write better reviews when I put them to paper, and when I had aspirations of writing novels, I hand wrote those as well. I have several journals filled with ideas and scenes.

  2. Thanks, Ashley. It's just really hard to be writing what I feel like is expected of me instead of what I want to write. Hopefully there'll be more as we get into summertime, and I get past my flood of reviews. :-)


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