Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Bibliophilia

bibliophilia — a love for books, especially for first or fine editions. (The Free Dictionary)

There is no better word that truly describes my condition. I won't say that I suffer from it because I enjoy my books and love each of them passionately. (My family members may suffer from it, but it is because they don't UNDERSTAND.) I started collecting books when I was a very small child because I would reread stories hundreds of times. Once I loved what was in those pages, I started to pay attention to old and strange books. When I was probably eight or nine, I managed to finagle two century-old books from a great aunt. The older or neater they were, the more I wanted them. My collection is flowing off of my shelves, even after weeding through the books that are falling apart and have no real value.

One of the prizes of my collection is a first edition of Mario Puzo's The Godfather. I couldn't tell you how long I've had it, but it wasn't until about six months ago that I realized what I had. It was on my shelf for my older books, and I was weeding them out. The Godfather wasn't going to make the cut because I don't really read that kind of book, and I needed room for my signed copies. Something told me to look inside and see when it was published. Let's just say that I almost had a heart attack when I read "1969". There's no dust jacket, but it's in great condition. I don't know the value of it except for the personal one in that it's something I enjoy having close at hand.

There is nothing like finding a treasure in your own collection, and it makes me feel like maybe I have a better eye than I thought when it comes to book collecting. I don't have anything that I specifically pursue, but I know my dream book will be anything signed by Stephen King. I think I could happily do without ever owning another book.


  1. It wasn't until I started blogging that I began actually acquiring books for my own library. I've always been a reader, but not really a collector. And in the two years I've been blogging, my personal collection has decupled itself.

    I'm so jealous when I read other bloggers' posts about their amazing antique book collections. I wish I had been that thoughtful when I was younger :) Now, I am just working on getting signed editions, and make sure that all my books are first edition (which is easy, when you're preordering new books. Not so much when shopping in a used book store.)

  2. I miss my library. I had thousands of books, but a move across country on a nil budget meant I couldn't keep them all. I'm building it back up, though, and I definitely have dreams of 'one day ...'

  3. I don't know that I love King like you do, but I do relish finding a treasure that's been lurking in my collection or on my bed stand for far too long.

  4. Every so often, I force myself to clean off my bookshelves. Usually, the only books that live there are ones I've read and "really liked" or "loved" so I don't get rid of too many. I console myself by knowing the ones I do say goodbye to may become someone else's favorite book. :)

    And if you like King, you might enjoy my posts for the A-Z Challenge - every post has a quote about writing and reading by King. :)

  5. I definitely have a love for books too. I have over a thousand books in my bedroom alone, and many others scattered throughout the house.

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    Cherie Reich - Author and Surrounded by Books Reviews

  6. @Bekka I may or may not really be a hoarder and call myself a "book collector" so I'm not locked up in the nuthouse. I do have quite a few treasures, though. When my house was in danger from the wildfires here a few years ago, I had my book babies packed in the car next to the family albums, pets, and kiddo.

    @Carrie That really breaks my heart to hear that. I would probably sell all of my other possessions in order to find a way to keep my books. :-(

    @Daniel I had my daughter on Stephen King's birthday on purpose (scheduled c-section). If I lived within driving distance of Maine, he'd probably have a restraining order against me.

    @Madeline When I "clean my bookshelves", I usually only pick out four or five books to get rid of. It hurts me to see my books going to someone else.

    @Cherie I don't even want to admit to how many books I own. I've already slipped about one hundred over to the house I'm moving into with my Mister, but he's at a loss as to where we're going to put them all. Thank Bob I found a great man who supports my booking and blogging. :-)


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