Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Clerk

I had trouble thinking of something that started with a "C" at midnight, so I'm just throwing this out for you guys. Last June, right when I was starting to hit my stride with the blog, I took a third job as the clerk for the small town I live in. I already managed the library in the next town over and worked at the one here (and still do at both), so taking another job really cut into my time for blogging.

In order to keep my blog alive, I gave up my painting and the time I spent interacting with my readers and other bloggers. (I still return visits, even if I don't always comment on posts.) I never did it much anyways as I know I'm awkward and say strange things, and I'm very intimidated by those who have been blogging longer than me, but now I barely do it at all. I think my blog would be a lot stronger and the experience richer if I was able to visit and socialize with all the bloggers and readers. However, the only time I have left is what I spend sleeping, eating, and with my daughter, and those aren't going anywhere.

Hopefully, I will have the extra time to spend on the social aspect of blogging again in the future. Until then, I hope you enjoy reading my posts and forgive my silence.


  1. LOL your awkward and say strange things! Geez you sound like me. I for one notice when you are not around because tho you may be awkward and strange so am I and I think I appreciate that about you. You ARE one of my favorite bloggers <3

  2. It's all about balance and finding what system works for you. As for saying awkward and strange things, sometimes those are the most interesting. :)

  3. Let's give it up for people who have to actually hold down day jobs AND night jobs to feed their writing and reading habits (as well as their family). Way to go.

  4. @Tee Thank you so much. I really appreciate you saying that. <3

    @Madeline I'm still working on that balance, but hopefully it comes soon! As for what I say, it may be interesting, but it can also be very uncomfortable. :-)

    @Daniel Thanks! I know there is an easy cop-out way that I could live, but I have too much pride. For now, I am just waiting on a change of fortune and working hard in the meantime. :-)

  5. Same here -- though I didn't take on financially required responsibilities, I did start getting into other activities that became higher prioritized than blogging and interacting online. That was years ago and except for the A to Z challenge and some Nanoing in the fall, I haven't gone back to much comment/community interaction online. I can't say I regret it -- I don't even keep a regularly updated blog anymore! Sometimes you just have to focus on something else for a while. Blogging/design is just another hobby that I love, but not enough to let it consume me :)

  6. @Michelle Girl, I tried NaNo in 2011, and it whooped me. I got to 30,000 words and realized that I enjoy reading so much more than mucking around in my own head. I was writing a ghost story, and I started having so many nightmares. I had to step away from it.

    I really enjoy the blogging part of it, and I do wish I could socialize more. I don't get to share books with many people in my community where my library is because they don't read. The only readers I can really seem to find is on the interwebz. :-)

  7. I really enjoy your blog and am amazed that you have found any free time to keep it going. Let's make it C for club and we can all be strange and awkward as much as we want.


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