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Joint Review: Hunted by Kevin Hearne

Title: Hunted (The Iron Druid Chronicles #6)
Kevin Hearne
Publisher: Del Ray
Acquired Via: Purchase
Release Date: November 27, 2012

For a two-thousand-year-old Druid, Atticus O’Sullivan is a pretty fast runner. Good thing, because he’s being chased by not one but two goddesses of the hunt—Artemis and Diana—for messing with one of their own. Dodging their slings and arrows, Atticus, Granuaile, and his wolfhound Oberon are making a mad dash across modern-day Europe to seek help from a friend of the Tuatha Dé Danann. His usual magical option of shifting planes is blocked, so instead of playing hide-and-seek, the game plan is... run like hell.

Crashing the pantheon marathon is the Norse god Loki. Killing Atticus is the only loose end he needs to tie up before unleashing Ragnarok—AKA the Apocalypse. Atticus and Granuaile have to outfox the Olympians and contain the god of mischief if they want to go on living—and still have a world to live in.

Our Review

You can read Amber's review of Trapped (IDC #5) HERE.

There will be spoilers for books in the series prior to Hunted, so if you have not read this far in the series
If you keep going and highlight the black bits, you'll get spoilers for Hunted, too.


Amber: I enjoyed Hunted a lot more than I did Trapped, even though Hunted had a few heartbreaking surprises. I cannot believe that the Morrigan basically committed suicide!

Kayla: I liked Hunted a lot better, too. I never got around to reviewing Trapped because I had a lot of bitterness issues with Granuaile, (Atticus is my boyfriend!) but I got over it for the most part. I guess hearing Luke Daniels (the audiobook narrator) as Oberon saying “Hello, Clever Girl” won me over at the end of the previous book. Still – too much bitterness for me to write a glowing review as a Kevin Hearne fangirl. But, OMG the Morrigan! And so early in the book, too… *sigh* I may’ve cried a little, but it was a little overdone.

Amber: I think I may have a crush on Luke Daniels. He’s one of the most gifted narrators I’ve listened to. I continuously get surprised when he switches around in more than five accents in one book. Plus, he totally nails what I think a dog would sound like if a dog could actually talk.

Kayla: Oh, I definitely have a crush on Luke Daniels! Plus, he’s also visually appealing – isn’t he dreamy?

Amber: I really liked being able to see the story from Granuaile's point of view. It was nice being able to see Atticus from the outside rather than his own perception of himself. I am also glad that Granuaile is a full druid now, so she is less of a hindrance. However, I still don't understand why she doesn't have her amulet bound to her aura like Atticus does? Wouldn't that simplify things, make her less of a target, and not allow all of their enemies to be able to magically pin point where they are?

Kayla: There is only one reason why authors add in an extra point of view in the book if it wasn’t used originally in the series. I totally saw what was coming in the middle of the book, and it did upset me a little. Wasn’t there an issue with getting her amulet bound to her aura, or am I just adding that in with something from Trapped?

Amber: I knew something was going to happen, but I didn’t guess the extent of what happened. I did start choking up when Oberon was talking about Atticus, even though I knew he was coming back. I just don’t remember there being an issue with the amulet being bound, but it would make more sense, because otherwise, they’re just being silly in not doing it.

Kayla: *sigh* I’m going to have to revisit the book now because this is bothering me to not know. And even though I saw the whole thing coming, I still wasn’t prepared for it. I was cooking breakfast at my M-I-L’s, and Mister was convinced that I had lost a family member or something the way that I was carrying on. I guess I had, in a way…

Amber: I thought the plot and pace on this one was better than Trapped even though it is hectically plotted, as almost the entire book is spent with Atticus, Granuaile and Oberon on the run. Because they were basically running across Europe with Greek, Roman and Norse gods after them, we had all kinds of surprise visits from old favorites - Leif, Hal, Perun, and even Malina and the witches.

Kayla: I was so happy to see Perun come back! I guess I could take my focus off of giving Atticus and Granuaile the stink eye long enough to enjoy the book by giggling about Perun and Flidais “being grody”, as Oberon would put it. The smorgasbord of mythology thrown in with the chase was a little crazy, but it was fun. I never got bored.

Amber: I'm interested to see where the next book goes, especially considering who Atticus discovered at the end of the book, and who else joined the crew with Atticus, Granuaile and Oberon.

Kayla: Did you see that twist coming? I guessed it when the Morrigan told Atticus that there was someone in the time stream, and I am also very interested in the new addition to the crew!

Amber: I was an idiot and accidently read the blurb for Shattered before reading Hunted, so when the Morrigan told Atticus about the time stream, I already knew who was in it. Totally spoilered myself on that one.

Kayla: Bahahaha! Don’t you hate when that happens?! I generally try not to read blurbs for books that I read in case it spoils something.

Amber's Rating: 4/5 Stars
Kayla's Rating: 5/5 Stars

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