Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guest Post: Jennifer Turner (My Name is Jake)

My Name is Jake is a colorfully illustrated, rhyming book for kids centered around a boy named Jake. Each page leads the reader through an activity that rhymes with Jake. Rhyming books for kids are perfect for young children, or early readers just beginning to put letters into words and rhyming them together.

The Importance of Reading to Children

by Jennifer Turner

As a parent, you have probably heard – on more than one occasion – it is good to read to children. There are many benefits cited. Some are more subjective: helping parents and kids bond and calming children down before bedtime. Potential academic benefits include increased vocabulary and a greater familiarity of reading and learning in general. Depending on your economic circumstances, easy access to children’s books may be taken for granted. However, there are many community resources available which can help bridge the gap so children’s books are more readily available to all. One group working to increase availability of books for all young children is Reach Out and Read, a national nonprofit organization.

Children are aware of language and vocabulary before they are actually able to read. Young children who have not been read to are less likely to have a basic foundation of literary skills by the time they reach kindergarten. This puts these children at a disadvantage with a greater risk to fall behind in school and eventually drop out. According to Reach Out and Read, more than 1/3 of American children enter kindergarten without the basic language skills they need to become proficient in reading. Reading is a necessary skill for all areas of academic learning.

Reach Out and Read has been providing books to America’s children since 1989. It promotes early literacy and school readiness in all 50 states and is designed to target children growing up in low-income communities. These children are reached through partnerships with pediatric and primary care practitioners. Free books from Reach Out and Read are given to young patients. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals distribute the developmentally appropriate books to the kids and parents are advised of the importance of reading aloud. The program begins at 6-month check-ups and ends when they are 5 years old. Reach Out and Read is one of many organizations working to promote childhood literacy so all children can have greater access to books.

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About the Author

Jennifer Turner was inspired to start writing children’s books after developing a love for children’s literature while reading to her young children. She wrote My Name is Jake in her head while taking her infant daughter on long walks in her stroller. She lives in Colorado with her husband and two children. Jennifer loves reading to her children and watching them grow, yoga, bike rides with her family, and chai lattes. For more information visit the Peaks Press website.

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