Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trying New Things

Hello lovely followers,

I know there are a good many of you here for the giveaways (you can just head on over here because this will probably be boring), but the majority of you who have followed me actually like my reviews. (Yes, I know - when I write them.) I've made it very clear that my free time has been extremely limited since June, so I don't write as many reviews. I still read loads of books, but I'm only reviewing probably one in three. Why, you ask? Well, I think I may have reviewed myself into a corner with my last style change.

Having my own personal guidelines to write reviews was extremely helpful at first. I knew what I had to make myself focus on to write a review that will be informative about a book. However, it is boring the snot out of me. I'm not that kind of writer. I'm not that kind of person. Hell, I wasn't even that kind of blogger until I started this one really hardcore. I wanted to be all fancy and professional, but the most professional that I get in my personal life is wearing trouser socks occasionally. Why should I subject my readers to something that bores me to write? Why would I want to disrespect a book that I loved by trudging through a review? Ummm... I don't. So I'm not going to do that anymore.

I would like my reviews to be fun like my blog posts over on Gasoline Wishes and Fry Cook Dreams, which I gave up to focus on books. I love books and reading, and I also love my stupid little cartoons. Even if no one else ever laughed at them, they always made me giggle like an insane person. Ideally, I would like to incorporate them into my reviews. I won't do it in a disrespectful way, but I'm tired of not being silly and having fun. Because I am silly. And awkward. REALLY awkward. Honestly, it's draining to try to be anything else. The plus side is that I get to share books with you and have you give me that "please help that girl" look. Well, maybe I don't want you to do that, but you get the drift.

So this is me, changing things up. We'll see how it works out. Oh, and I'm chilling out a bit on all of the blog tours and blasts. I've been signing up for about a quarter less than before. I'm also going to fish Will out of the internet and away from being a newlywed, hopefully for long enough to wring a review or two out of him. We misses him, Precious.

That is all. Carry on with your normally scheduled interwebing.


  1. You know Kayla..I am about as professional in my reviews as....well....I dont know. Lets just say I am not. I write what comes into my head, heck some of them don't even come out as reviews but as rants or fan girling--shrugs--Its just me and my feelings for the book, nothing more. Is this wrong? I don't think so, cause its giving the readers a chance to see how I took the book. I think anyone can write a professional dull review, heck I see tons of them on here and usually read a few lines and go on. I want to see what brought out feelings on these books, to see if my feelings were like someone else's.I also don't care about follower numbers, if they don't like my review style..I don't care if they leave,I care about the ones who stay with me long term, the ones who laugh at my goofiness and enjoy the stupid songs I post at the end of my reviews.Read the books you want to read, either old ones or shiny new ones but make sure you want to read them, and your not reading them because everyone else is and you feel it necessary. I think you will enjoy yourself so much more. By the know I think you are keep it up!!

  2. I tried being all professional when I started with super long, detailed, reviews where I tried to spare the Authors feelings but it wasn't me and didn't last long. Now, I write what I think whether that be in the positive or negative. Might not be for every blogger but it's my style and I'm not going to change it just to be part of the cool crowd. You do what makes you happy all others be damned.

  3. Write reviews in a way that works for you. I admire the fancy constructs that people have for their reviews, but I don't think I could fit my thoughts into that format every time either. Be yourself, Kayla girl.

  4. I love your personality, so let it shine through in your reviews. They don't have to be serious - stick those cartoons EVERYWHERE! We're here because we like your style, not because we want serious ;-)

  5. Hi Kayla~
    Yes, I popped over here because of the giveaway but, especially after reading this post, I decided to become a "follower" and add you to my reading list. I can't wait to read your silly and unstuffy reviews!

  6. Good for you, Kayla. One of the best things about blogging is that it's NOT professional - we can be exactly who we are! That's the thing that brings in readers. If you are serious and detailed, then go right ahead! But if you're more fun and less stuffy, there's nothing wrong with that either. I look forward to seeing more posts with your personality shining through :)

  7. If I were to try to be all professional about it I would have to stop doing it. I would suck at it.

    Be silly! One of the biggest edits I have to do after writing a review, when I do, is take out extra puns, jokes, comments, parenthesis, that make it hard to read, even if they do amuse the crap out of me.

    Have fun writing, otherwise it's a job and jobs suck unless you enjoy yourself. And I'd love to see cartoons in your reviews! That'd be awesome! :D


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