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Blog Tour (Guest Post & Giveaway): I.T. Confidential by C.D. Rahm

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Title: I.T. Confidential
C.D. Rahm
Publisher: Boondoggle Press
Release Date: August 29, 2013

If you could be a fly on the cubicle wall of an I.T. Professional someone would probably throw a stale bagel at you. But before they did, you would see what C.D. Rahm reveals in this tell-all book.

At great personal risk to career and plastic pocket protector, Rahm takes us on a tour of corporate malaise, rampant confusion, dinner-plate-sized chocolate chip cookies, and lousy box lunches.

Pulling no punches (except possibly the spiked punch from the disastrous office holiday party) he reveals everything: managers behaving badly, professional time-wasters, fast-food junkies, and the hygienically challenged.

An I.T. insider, his is a world of technology for all, productivity for none. It is a place where the confused and frightened lead the overworked and clueless. This is where polyester slacks meet PowerPoint presentations, and budgets meet their doom.

When network systems come down, I.T. professionals get up. And march straight to the vending machine. C.D. Rahm has been there, done that, and soiled the t-shirt.

Now you can know what I.T. geeks know: That if you have a chip on your shoulder you have probably stuck your head into the wrong port.

Whether you’re a tech expert or you don’t know your app from a hole in the ground, you will be astounded or at least mildly surprised by what you discover in I.T. Confidential.

Guest Post

Out Of Control Dress Codes
C.D. Rahm

If your company decides to go for a more casual dress code, beware! Your employees, especially your I.T. staff, will take a mile from that inch of wardrobe compromise. It starts slowly. Maybe the first day, a couple of your staff show up in old wrinkly short sleeve shirts issued after a major company project that was over budget and delivered 14 months late. Usually there’ll be a saying like ‘We did it!’ on the back; the actual phrase should be ‘We blew it!’ or ‘Better luck next time!’

Imagine a big wardrobe dial. It was about 6 when you started. At this level, you might have a few folks in baggy jeans, sneakers and oversize football shirts on casual Fridays. The majority of the time, basic hygiene is followed, even though many people wear bizarre combinations of suspenders, mismatching shirts and pants, and white athletic socks with sneakers and khakis. Before you go running off and monkeying around with appearance standards, take a walk around your building. Reconsider delaying dress code adjustments until further review if you observe the following looks:

  • Santa beard, wearing suspenders, with a security badge on a lanyard around the neck
  • A fourth of July parade float rider look – sparkly red, white and blue pants, jacket and top hat
  • The sweatpants, shirt, and sneakers ensemble
  • Torn jeans, untucked shirt and flip-flops
  • Shorts, sandals and faded logo t-shirt
  • Any wearing of a wool cap, beret or baseball cap indoors
  • Backpacks large enough for a trek across the Alps

It’s not likely that your staff has a subscription to GQ, so your best bet is a typical casual Friday schedule. Take what you can get; the likelihood of your crew showing up in dress slacks, oxford shirts and lace-ups is somewhere between winning the lottery and striking oil in your backyard.

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About the Author

Ready to uncover the underbelly of the corporate office, C.D. Rahm presents I.T. Confidential (August 29, 2013, Boondoggle Press), a humorous look at the world of information technology.

He has been an I.T. professional and innovator in the field since first hearing the word “geek” and knew he wanted to be one. He worked alongside Thomas Edison in inventing electricity and Al Gore in inventing the Internet. He is believed to have come up with the name “mouse” for the device used to move the cursor around a monitor when he observed his cat chasing the one he employed across his desk during an earthquake. (The cat was very disappointed when he caught it, but ate it anyway.) C.D. Rahm is perhaps best known for his sage advice to Steve Jobs when he said, “Who would buy an electronic thingy named after a piece of fruit?”

C. D. Rahm lives in anonymity inside an honest-to-goodness I.T. guy who, for reasons of sanity and job security, prefers to remain nameless.

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