Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Blogging Confessions

1. I am a mood reader. Mostly I read fantasies of all kind, but sometimes I get in a mood that I can't read another fantasy so I'll veer off into a contemporary or historical romance so I can read something fluffy. Which leads to the fact that...

2. I could never keep a book schedule. I may not not be in the mood for that certain book that is coming out in two months, so I just try to read the books that are coming out earliest first. Most of the time I am just jumping around all over the place reading whatever catches my fancy and reading the book that doesn't come out for months way before the book that is coming out relatively soon.

3. I have a hard time reviewing books that I absolutely love. I feel like it would just be a lot of gushing and fangirling without any substance.

4. I also have a hard time reviewing books that are just meh to me. Most of the time this is just because I couldn't connect with one part or other with the story, but the rest of the book may be adequate or better.

5. I need to take notes while I'm reading a book and need to review a book almost immediately after reading it. I will forget almost all of the details of one book pretty much as soon as I pick up another. If I don't write down all of the details I liked or disliked I won't be able to review it weeks after. Also, I cannot remember character names for anything, so I always have to go back to the book to reference character names in a review.

6. My main sticking points are character and plot. If I don't like the characters or can't connect with the characters or think that the main character is an idiot, I probably won't like the book. Unless the plot of the book is absolutely amazing and keeps me guessing the entire time or has a ton of action. I can forgive a lot of book issues as long as I'm enjoying the story and the characters.

7. I read multiple books at a time. I am always reading at least two books at once, one audio and one either digital or print. Sometimes I am also reading an ebook and a print one at the same time as well. Mostly because the ebook is more convenient so I can read it more places than I can with the print book, so I end up starting an ebook in the middle of already reading another book.

8. I’m a book pusher. If I love a book, everyone I know must hear all about it. If I own said book, it will get loaned out to all of my book friends, rather they want it or not.

9. I pick books up at the library based solely on their covers. This is especially true if the covers scream fantasy. That is how I discovered Graceling and The Hunger Games before they blew up. I will also do this when books are cheap on Amazon. This is why I have hundreds of books on my Kindle that need to be read. My actual shelf is 90% full of books I have already read. My virtual shelf is 10% full of books I have already read.

10. I like to read books that no one else has talked about yet. I sometimes like a clean slate where I can just start reading a book without wondering if I will like or dislike certain parts that have already been discussed. I don’t have all these other reviews telling me that it was horrible for 1, 2, 3 and these reviews saying it was great for x, y, z. A lot of times I will save reviews just read after I read a book so that I can go and see if someone else liked it for the same reasons or pointed out something I wouldn't have thought about while reading. On the opposite spectrum of that, I'm also more likely to read a book that has extremely mixed reviews. I need to know why all of these people LOVED it and HATED it. However, this is how I picked up both Fifty Shades of Grey and Gone Girl, so maybe I should stop doing that.

What Are Your Reading or Blogging Confessions?


  1. I'm also a book pusher! Some of my friends get so tried of it! And yes! We all judge books by their cover!


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