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Blog Tour (Review & Giveaway): Moonfall by Vanessa Morton

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Title: Moonfall: Tales from the Levant
Vanessa Morgan
Publisher: WEbook Publishing
Release Date: November 1, 2013
Acquired Via: JKS Communications

When 16-year-old Rachav drinks the Moon Temple’s forbidden wine, she hardly expects it to result in the death of a priestess. But when King Nur orders Rachav to serve the Queen of the Night—the kingdom’s powerful goddess—as restitution, Rachav’s identical twin, Zaron, has her own reasons for joining the priesthood and offers to take her twin’s place.

But choices have consequences.

Now Rachav’s family is in danger. As she uncovers the shocking reason why, she finds an ally in Salma, a brooding nomad who wields an ancient force powerful enough to destroy the entire kingdom. While the epic showdown rages above the city, Rachav plays a dangerous game of her own. Can she rescue her sister and right the wrongs of that fateful choice? Or will the king succeed and trap her in the doomed city?

My Review

Though I'm slowly trying to slow down the number of blog tours, when I was offered the opportunity to review Moonfall, I couldn't say anything but yes. Its premise is not something that has been offered to me very often, and who doesn't love a unique book? (Not me.)

Moonfall is set in Yericho (sound like Jericho?) thousands of years ago, in what can be considered Old Testament Biblical times. I cannot recall off the top of my head when I've seen this done before in young adult fiction. (Forgive me if I've forgotten something major.) I found the setting to be immensely fascinating and made me think of the Bible stories that I used to read from my grandmother's huge illustrated Old Testament volumes as a child, though Moonfall really isn't Christian fiction. Morton was able to really bring to life the pagan and nomadic lifestyle in her novel, and I almost felt as if I was really there.

I really liked the main character, Rachav, in Moonfall. She had that spunky fire that I love to see in literary young women, and she still loved her family and put them first despite her rebellious nature. Though they treated her poorly, she still put them ahead of her own desires.

Overall, I found Moonfall to be a lovely novel that was able to take me back to my youth, as well as even further back to Biblical times. If you're looking for a read set in ancient times with a great heroine, I highly recommend that you read Morton's novel.

- 3.5/5 Stars -

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About the Author

Vanessa Morton, a two time semi-finalist in the prestigious Genesis Writing contest, earned her BA in History/Politics from the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio and studied writing at UCLA.

Vanessa lives at the family vineyard in East Texas with her husband and two daughters. Exploring and volunteering at archaeological sites on three continents inspired her to write epic YA fantasy based on historical events.

Her debut novel, Moonfall: Tales from the Levant, was published by WEbook Publishing, Oxfordshire, April 29, 2014.

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