Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

The only challenges that I have attempted so far on my blog are the ones that will take all year. I am participating in the 2012 Debut Author Challenge and Authors After Dark 2012 Challenge, which are both exciting. This one is going to be a little more... Shall we say... Interesting? Each day the participants in the challenge will have a new letter upon which to base that day's post, beginning next Sunday, on April 1, 2012 (no joke).

I believe that I have managed to find a theme for each day, though it may be a little cheesy. But really, what can you expect from me? I thought about making a list of what each day will be beforehand, but I really don't want to ruin the surprise. However, as this is going to be my main "go to" post, I'll list the day and theme here as I go along. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I'm going to enjoy writing it.


  1. Yay, I'm doing this one too! For once I'm actually organised and all the posts are already scheduled....scary stuff!

    Looking forward to seeing what your theme is ;)

    1. I only have one written, but I have each day's subject picked out. On a list. Somewhere. O.O


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