Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Irony

I really don't have anything. Have a lolcat!

And an ecard!

There is no Alanis Morissette here. Move along. :-)


  1. I will tell you I like you e-card. Now talk about that truth and celebrating a day for someone like that.

    I am going to see about getting my hands on Columbus journal and reading what he REALLY did to the natives.

  2. Haha, in the lack of something to write, Lol catz and e-cards are always welcome!! Hilarious post.

  3. heh heh. And celebrate Thanksgiving by bring pecan pie and small pox blankets to dinner.

    A to Zer!



You are going to put words in my box?! *squeezes you* Now I shall stalk YOUR blog!