Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Non-Fiction

When I am not poor or horribly frustrated from Epic Computer Shenanigans*, I am working my history degree. I have been going to college off and on for more years than some people in the young adult audience have been alive**, but I'm finally at the point in this degree process where all I do is read a crapload of historical texts and write write write write write write write write write. When I tell you that I love science fiction/fantasy and secretly adore "literature", it has nothing on the excitement that I get from digging through archives, special collections, and long-winded descriptions of historical thingamajiggers. While I know there is more to non-fiction than these history books (I'm only using the word lightly for one of these), but this is what I read and know. And love.

Muhammad by Yahiya Emerick
Kingdoms and Strongholds of the Crusaders by T.S.E. Boase
Arab Historians of the Crusades by Francesco Gabrieli
A Cloud of Witnesses by Joel F. Harrington
Napoleon's Egypt: Invading the Middle East by Juan Cole
Mississippi Steamboatman: The Story of Henry Miller Shreve by Edith M. McCall
A History of the Roman People by Allen M. Ward, Fritz M. Heichelheim, & Cedric A. Yao
Sex with Kings by Eleanor Herman
Sex with the Queen by Eleanor Herman
The Rise & Fall of the House of Windsor by A.N. Wilson

I suppose I can give you a quick explanation of my selection. Each of those books have been used for research purposes, and some of them I have even reviewed academically. My historical studies had been religious in nature, with a focus on Muslim-Christian relations. I acquired a love of Napoleon after having a professor whose obsession was contagious. I grew up in the Shreveport area, so I thought it would be easy to study Captain Shreve (not easy at all, but still fulfilling). Romans were fascinating, strange creatures. Finally, I love most things monarchy, and I would highly recommend the Eleanor Herman books to anyone. They are not trashy or risque in the slightest. The last book was an engrossing read - we'll leave it at that.

* I lost over one hundred pages of research, including sixty-ish pages of finished portions of research papers. Months of work - I don't want to talk about it.

**I'm talking about five year old savants, of course. Shut up.


  1. As for the first asterisk, I am sorry to hear that the computer Lucifer, decided at that time to destroy your months of work..sorry.

    I have been thinking about reading some more non-fic after watching some the Indiana Jones movies that were on this past weekend..:)) Best of luck on your degree.

    1. Oh yes, it was quite terrible. It wiped out my flash drives as well and nearly got one of my professor's computer (who had a better anti-virus program). *shudders*

      You should definitely check out some non-fiction. Many people liken it to history books that you read in school, but some read just like novels. I have one on Justinian that is AMAZING, but I can't think of the title. That's why it didn't make the list. ;-)

  2. Computer issues. Urgh. I so know how you feel.

    I'm a huge history buff. It's one of my fav subjects. I graduated a while back, and still can't seem to toss out my history texts. LOL. :)

    Love the list BTW.

    1. Oh man, I get embarrassed when people see my bookshelves. I have textbooks that I have used over the years, as well as crap other people have thrown away. I do use them for research though. O.O

  3. My favorite non-fiction reads tend to be biographies. I really like reading about past lives.

    1. I really enjoy those, too, but I couldn't think of very many off the top of my head. (I had trouble with that lol.) :-/


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