Friday, February 3, 2012

Local Book News (TTYL by Lauren Myracle) -- Her Response

By Fred Childers

Julie Camp wants the book TTYL removed from her daughter's middle school library. The story, written in instant- message style, addresses female adolescent angst and sexual curiosity among three high school girls.

"I've been accused of being Satan, I've been accused of being Satan's hand maiden, I'm neither," said Lauren Myracle.

In fact she's a Sunday school teacher who lives in Colorado. Myracle is the author of TTYL and has seen this criticism before.

And the only criticism of her book she seems to take exception to is from those who haven't fully read it. She says there's more to it than girls talking in detail about sex.

"There is also a girl who is very Christian, her spirituality is very important to her, who says to the girl thinking about having sex hold on think about what you're doing," said Myracle.

The author is familiar with the stories we've aired on the controversy surrounding her book here in the Ark-La-Tex.

"Do I find it valuable and life enhancing to read a book like TTYL? Heck yeah, or I wouldn't have written it, because I love kids. I've got kids of my own," said Myracle.

And while she says she's sympathetic with Camp's position as a parent, she disagrees with having the book removed from the middle school library.

"She gets to choose what books are appropriate for her daughter not for every kid in that school," said Myracle.

Camp admits to not reading the entire book, but is glad that her daughter didn't either.

"It had absolutely no point," said Camp.

But the author says it's there, you just got to look.

"If there is a message to this book, it's be strong be true, find your tribe and stick to the truth of who you are," said Myracle.

Camp has the option of filing a report with the school district. Then a committee will review it and make a decision. But the book is also available at public libraries across the Ark-La-Tex.

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