Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Buzzers

I recently joined the YA community, Random Buzzers. It is a fun teen book community where you can score free books, chat with authors, share reviews and more – all of which earn you Buzz Bucks. You can cash in those Bucks for all kinds of prizes like books, movies, gift cards & more!

I am enjoying checking out the site so far. I posted a question for R. J. Palacio about Wonder, and it was answered fairly quickly! Maybe it's not as interactive as Twitter, but it's the best site I'm yet to find.

It sounds good right?! If you are interested in joining up, I would really appreciate it if you used this little link down there and say that I referred you!

-----> Click Here to Join! <-----
My User ID: kaylabeck

I hope you join and add me as a friend!

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