Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Can Ignore This

...But I'm Writing It For Me

I tried to keep my blinders on and ignore everything going on in the blogosphere. I try to avoid drama like the plague, and I would rather just keep marching on like nothing has happened. (I don't know these people and don't care to.) I do not agree with the way it's being handled currently, so I need to distance myself from the blog involved. (Which is hilarious to me because the majority of bloggers have no idea who I am or care in the least what I do.)

The only reason I'm acknowledging anything at all is that I'm withdrawing from one of my weekly memes. I have not decided if I am going to replace it. I will continue with the challenge because I am finding a lot of great new authors through it, I love the ladies on a sister-blog attached to it (they are fantastic), and I've worked really hard on it so far.

Oh, and I'm making the time stamp crazy because I don't want this to have top billing over my legitimate posts. The authors and books - and you, my readers - are the most important things around here.


  1. We each have our own opinions on the matter. Some chose to stick with everything and some dropped everything. I just had that feeling that I had to drop everything.

    It was sad to decide, but at the same time, I'm still going to read books that would have fit into a challenge. I make my reading lists based on what I want to read. I don't have anything set on what to read and when. I pick up what I want, when I want. Maybe that made the decision easier. Hehe

    Enjoy your books! :)

  2. I respect the decisions that everyone has made, and I think respect is the key issue here. Thankfully, everyone who visits my blog is respectful, professional, and a whole lot of awesome. :-)

    Personally, I do better when I have something pushing for me to read/write something - that's why I like challenges. I also find a lot of great books through them. Sure, I find books through my job as a librarian, but it doesn't always say that it's a debut. I love to support new authors. (I hope for the same if I ever get around to finishing one of my WIPs.) I also have commitments tied up into the challenge, and I don't want to leave those hanging.

    Thank you so much for the insight into YOUR decision, Lisa. I hope you enjoy all of your books, too. :-)

  3. I backed out pretty much immediately. I wasn't hugely involved anyway, assuming I'm talking about the right issue. I no longer visit that blog anymore, even when I want to go look at the latest ridiculousness.

    My issue wasn't even so much the initial thing, which, obviously, was not good and I'm not endorsing, but the response to it. Which just keeps getting more absurd and awful.

    I've been enjoying being a bit less meme-less. It's nice not having to worry so much about what others do.


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