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Blog Tour (Interview & Giveaway): The 5 Moons of Tiiana by Paul T. Harry

Captain Rez Cantor is a diplomacy officer in the Imperial Army, and personal attaché to Princess Leanna, the sixteen-year-old daughter of the Emperor, and sole heir to the Melelan throne.

On the eve of a treaty signing ending the twelve-year-war between the alien-hybrid Relcor and the Empire, Rez Cantor learns that the Imperial family has been slated for death. Under orders from his Queen, Rez is given his final command–save the Princess at all costs.

Overcoming incredible odds, Rez abducts Leanna, and the two flee Melela along with others of the Imperial guard. Unfortunately, their ship is nuked as it enters warp creating an event horizon that sends the ship 128,000 light years across the galaxy to the Moons of Tiiana. It is on one of these moons that Rez awakens on a beach–injured and alone–without the Princess.

So begins the sojourn of Rez Cantor upon the Moons of Tiiana: Five moons stagnating from a 2000 year-old war that has left its alien races in limbo and decay. Five moons that crave a hero bold enough to lead its people out of the darkness. Five moons that hold the future of the Melelan Empire deep within the ashes of war.

Mr. Harry, thank you so much for stopping by Bibliophilia, Please today! If you would be so kind, could you please tell us a little about your novel in your own words.

The 5 Moons of Tiiana is the story of a soldier's journey across the galaxy in an effort to save the sixteen-year-old Princess of Melela, the girl he’s sworn to protect. It is a tale of heroism, love, and adventure. The story opens on the planet Melela, where we learn that the Imperial Empire has just lost a twelve-year war to the Relcor, a race of alien hybrids. On the eve of the treaty signing between the two forces, our hero, Rez Cantor, learns that the royal family has been slated for death. In a clandestine meeting with the Queen he is given a final command—save the Princess at all costs. That simple order will change his life forever.

From the moment Rez accepts the assignment his world is thrown into chaos and turmoil. He can no longer rely on the Imperial Guard to help guide his efforts. He is a rogue player with no one to aid his mission, and somehow, he must break into the palace if he’s to rescue the young Princess. Not to be stymied, Rez uses his wiles to accomplish just that—but that is where the adventure begins.

Escaping the planet Melela with a handful of other escapees, Rez hopes to out run the Relcor and find someplace where he can hide the Princess safely. Unfortunately, things do not go according to plan. As their ship enters warp, the Relcor strike with three nuclear weapons, the impact of their explosion damaging the ship while ripping open a hole in the fabric of space. This phenomenon creates an event horizon catapulting the ship a 128,000 light years across the galaxy where it lands in orbit near to the moons of Tiiana.

With their ship heavily damaged, it’s every man for himself, and Rez is injured and unconscious. Unknowingly he is sent to one of the moons without the Princess, where he regains consciousness upon the shores of an island. From here his sojourn begins. Upon the moons of Tiiana he will confront strange races, alien environments, and worlds unlike anything he’s ever encountered before. Here he will meet new friends, fight alien enemies, and save a Princess who has grown into a beautiful woman. He will also learn that his journey to Tiiana is not without reason or purpose—that perhaps here; on the other side of the galaxy is the answer to defeating the Relcor and saving the Empire.

What makes The 5 Moons of Tiiana stand apart from other books in the genre?

Wow, that's a tough question to answer. I'm not going to pretend that this story doesn't draw upon facets or ideas that haven’t been told before. My story does follow the hero's journey as laid out by Joseph Campbell, in his book Hero with a Thousand Faces. It follows the same format used by many writers, including George Lucas of Star Wars. As with his hero, Luke Skywalker, my hero is an ordinary man, given a horrendous task, whereupon he is sent into an unknown universe where he has to face a series of tasks and challenges which force him to face and conquer his own fear and prejudices. These events eventually help save himself and the universe.

However, that is where the comparison ends—there are major differences with my story. The first being the style in which it was written. I wrote the story in first-person. I chose this because it gives a more personal insight into the hero. It allows the reader to be inside the main character's head as the story unfolds. Also, I drew upon the writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs. He was the writer that inspired and fueled my imagination when I was a child, and I found his stories of alien races and strange landscapes to be inspirational. This, coupled with my background of theater and screenwriting, granted me a unique insight into weaving a tale that was both original and different in its delivery. Hopefully, all of this will be translated into the reader’s enjoyment.

What inspired you to write The 5 Moons of Tiiana?

About fifteen years ago I was reminiscing about a story where an evil Empire had come to dominate a number of planets, crushing them with totalitarianism and brutality. I thought it might be cool if there was way where the good guys could defeat the evil empire without resorting to the usual, run-of-the-mill, battles in space with lasers and proton beams and that sort of nonsense. I wanted something outside the box–something different. It was at that point that I thought about using a biological weapon or a cosmic entity like a cloud or something to defeat this enemy, but at the time all of this was just random thought.

Twelve to fourteen years later this idea was still rolling around in the back of my head, and I finally decided to do something about it. So, about two years ago I started playing around with this concept, and I began to think how I would like to see the story unfold. What came to mind were the stories I had read as a boy on John Carter of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I was fascinated by his principal character’s ability to travel between Earth and Mars, defeating the bad guys while rescuing his Princess from the clutches of evil. So with this in mind I began writing. What came to be was The 5 Moons of Tiiana.

What was the most difficult part of writing your book?

Actually it was keeping all the details straight. With this story I kind of began writing allowing the details to take care of themselves. But with five moons, a bunch of different races, environmental circumstances, and Rez going here and there, it rapidly became too complicated. I was finally forced into outlining everything just to keep it all straight.

Which character was your favorite to write? Did you have any characters who made a larger role for themselves than what you originally intended?

Rez was definitely my favorite. It seems that giving him a first person voice was the right choice. He brought life to this story and it was my most enjoyable to pen.

Oolat—he was awesome. Though there might be comparisons by some to Chewbacca I don’t think they’re anything alike. Oolat is his own man, a warrior easily able to hold his own against any in any situation. Besides he could talk and he had a great sense of humor, not to mention honor.

Are there any science fiction novels or authors that you would say were especially inspirational to you as a writer and in life?

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov. These were the writers who gave me my love of science fiction and planted the seeds in my mind.

What are you currently reading?

It would be great to tell you that I had three or four books sitting on my desk waiting to be read. But the truth is, I'm pretty much wrapped up in the marketing for my book right now. While I do like doing the interviews I would rather be writing. However, in order to write I need someone to read my work which means marketing. It's kind of a catch 22.

Finally, do you have any upcoming projects that we can look forward to from you?

Actually, I do. I've had a number of requests from people who've read the story as to what has happened to the different characters. It would seem that many want to know what happens to Rez and the Princess, Oolat and some of the others in the book. I purposely left the story open-ended to allow for sequel. Also, there's a lot of room for more regarding the Relcor. Just how did they rise to power? Curious minds want to know.

I also have another story I'm considering putting out. I wrote a few years back and it may be next on the agenda. It's entitled: The Garden, The Unauthorized Biography of Adam and Eve. Time will tell.

Thank you so much for stopping by Bibliophilia, Please for the interview!

I thank you for having me. It was pleasure talking with you.

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About the Author

Paul T. Harry attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas as an English major with a theater arts minor before beginning his career as a writer and music producer. He also worked as an editor with Second Avenue Songwriter’s magazine and has spent the last 30 years writing novels, screenplays and short stories. Paul is married with four children and resides in Gold Canyon, outside Phoenix.

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