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Blog Tour (Review): Inglorious Royal Marriages by Leslie Carroll

Title: Inglorious Royal Marriages: A Demi-Millennium of Unholy Mismatrimony
Leslie Carroll
Publisher: NAL Trade (Penguin)
Release Date: September 2, 2014
Acquired Via: Historical Fiction Blog Tours

It’s no secret that the marriages of monarchs are often made in hell. Here are some of the most spectacular mismatches in five hundred years of royal history...

In a world where many kings, queens, and princes lacked nothing but true love, marital mismatches could bring out the baddest, boldest behavior in the bluest of bloodlines. Margaret Tudor, her niece Mary I, and Catherine of Braganza were desperately in love with chronically unfaithful husbands, but at least they weren’t murdered by them, as were two of the Medici princesses were. King Charles II’s beautiful, high-spirited sister “Minette” wed Louis XIV’s younger brother, who wore more makeup and perfume than she did. Forced to wed her boring, jug-eared cousin Ferdinand, Marie of Roumania—a granddaughter of Queen Victoria—proved herself one of the heroines of World War I by using her prodigious personal charm to regain massive amounts of land during the peace talks at Versailles.

Brimming with outrageous real-life stories of royal marriages gone wrong, this is an entertaining, unforgettable book of dubious matches doomed from the start.

Praise for Leslie Carroll’s Royal Books

An irresistible combination of People magazine and the History Channel.” —Chicago Tribune (5 Stars)

“Thoroughly enjoyable.” —Booklist

“For those who tackled Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall, and can’t get enough of the scandal surrounding Henry VIII’s wives, [Notorious Royal Marriages is] the perfect companion book.” —

My Review

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - I love history. I don't even mind non-fiction when I'm not in school. That being said, Inglorious Royal Marriages: A Demi-Millennium of Unholy Mismatrimony is probably my favorite non-fiction read in a long time because when royals mix with history, I'm like a moth being drawn to fire.

Inglorious Royal Marriages goes through about four and a half centuries of royal matrimony, featuring quite a few well-known historical figures. (It does end well before modern day, so you won't be seeing any Charles & Di.) I've done my own research on some of the royals in the book in my own studies, so I really like that Leslie Carroll shared the misrepresentation of various royals in history and then the truth behind it. She used an extensive number of primary sources in her research for Inglorious Royal Marriages (found at the back of the book), and that lends a great deal of credibility to her work.

Thanks to Carroll being so in depth about her royal research, I didn't have to feel guilty about indulging in the book. Like most Americans, I am utterly fascinated by royals and monarchies. It doesn't matter to me whether it's past or present, I want to read everything there is about those lucky enough to be born with a title. Inglorious Royal Marriages gives me plenty to satiate my appetite for their dirty laundry, which is presented very tastefully. Well, there's not much tasteful that can be done with a husband who strangles his wife with a dog collar or another who calls his older wife his "dear and beloved aunt", but it just makes for a good time.

One thing that may turn readers off a little from Inglorious Royal Marriages is the fact that the book does not read like fiction or have a lot of suspense or tension. I really enjoy reading history however it's presented, but the recitation of facts may be a bit dull for some readers.

For me, Inglorious Royal Marriages was both a really fun read as well as a potential source and source-finder for me when I continue in obtaining the next level of my history degree. I love non-fiction of the nature, and Leslie Carroll is definitely an author whose work I will be buying and reading in the future.

- 4/5 Stars -

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About the Author

Leslie Carroll is the author of several works of historical nonfiction, women’s fiction, and, under the pen names Juliet Grey and Amanda Elyot, is a multipublished author of historical fiction. Her nonfiction titles include Royal Romances, Royal Pains, Royal Affairs, and Notorious Royal Marriages. She is also a classically trained professional actress with numerous portrayals of virgins, vixens, and villainesses to her credit, and is an award-winning audio book narrator.

A frequent commentator on royal romances and relationships, Leslie has been interviewed by numerous publications, including, USA Today, the Australian Broadcasting Company, and NPR, and she was a featured royalty historian on CBS nightly news in London during the royal wedding coverage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. She also appears as an expert on the love lives of Queen Victoria, Marie Antoinette, Catherine the Great, and Napoleon on the television series “The Secret Life of [fill in the name of famous figure]” for Canada’s History Channel. Leslie and her husband, Scott, divide their time between New York City and Washington, D.C.

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  1. Replies
    1. William is a tad older than me, so I was barely old enough to understand what was going on when they were divorced. It was so sad the way their relationship unraveled.

  2. So many favorites.............Love William and Catherine! Charles and Diana's wedding was what got me so interested in the British Royals when I was in junior high. I love to read about Henry the 8th and all of his wives!!

    1. Me, too! And I'm so excited that they announced the upcoming baby! *squee* I wasn't around for Charles and Di's wedding, but you know I've seen the clips! And, of course, I was up at 3am to watch Will and Kate get married. Reading about the Tudors is some of my favorite reading, as well. :-)

  3. My favorite royal marriage is William and Kate. I love hearing about them and their baby George. Thanks for having the giveaway.

    1. You're welcome, and how excited are you about being on Royal Baby Watch again?!

  4. I think the Romanovs were an interesting royal couple :)

    Thank you for the chance to win!

    1. You're welcome! And I agree about the Romanovs, but their ending was so sad.

  5. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. I just love them.

  6. My favorite royal marriage is William and Kate. They are such a lovely couple.

  7. I really like Will and Kate, and also Frederik and Mary of Denmark.

  8. My favorite is Victoria and Albert


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